RubberTough Pedestrian Crosswalk Indicator

Heavy Duty Flexible Signs       A Michigan State University study revealed that the use of portable crosswalk indicators such as the Safe-Hit RubberTough increased driver awareness and decreased the number of pedestrian injuries. Subsequent to the study, MSU has purchased 200 RubberTough signs. Ideal for use in both portable and permanent applications, RubberTough heavy-duty flexible signs are the best choice for deliniation and indication that needs to be noticed.



Safe-Hit Kona-Post..

KonaPost      The KonaPost is being used as the primary means of channelization and delineation on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The KonaPost enables workers to quickly expand or reduce inbound and outbound lanes, reverse traffic flow and close lanes for maintenance and repairs.





Safe-Hit Guradrail Delineators

      While driving along this winding, mountain road with a steep drop-off, Safe-Hit Guardrail Delineators are an asset to safety. In all situations where guardrails are present, especially on curves, corners and in the nighttime when roadways are most hazardous, Safe-Hit Guardrail Delineators are exceptional for guidance.



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