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RubberTough® 360
Heavy-Duty Delineators

RubberTough® 360 Delineator PostThe 3-1/2" diameter RubberTough 360 delineator is the post with superior durability and flexibility

These heavy-duty posts stay in place even during prolonged exposure to winds and common impacts, and even rebound to their original 90 degree position when impacted from any direction!

Having been successfully tested to withstand multiple vehicle bumper impacts and wheel-overs, these products are ideal for areas that need an imposing, must-be-seen presence, yet rebound to vertical when hit. The omni-directional hinge utilizes proven Dura-Post® material technology combined with a heavy-duty inner tube to achieve the strong yet flexible design required to rebound larger, heavy posts and signage. Multiple mounting options are available including bolt-down surface mount, portable mat with quick connect pins, and quick-change soil anchors.


RubberTough 360 Delineator Mounting Options:
RubberTough® 360 Portable Base




RubberTough 360® Permanent Base

RubberTough® 360 Soil Anchor
Portable Base
Permanent Surface Base
Soil Spike

RubberTough 360 Delineator Posts are. . .

Cost Efficent.
Their unique construction and design significantly reduces breakage so the savings over time is substantial in both labor and delineator replacement costs.

Durable. RubberTough posts are perfect for use where bigger, imposing, heavy-duty delineation is needed. The unique rubber property in every post will not shatter, crack or bend out of shape and is resistant to the most brutal weather conditions. The rubber construction even withstands impacts during snow plow winging operations. It is the toughest Delineator Post on the market today.

Easily Installed and Maintained. There are several mounting options to match all ground conditions. RubberTough 360 Delineator Posts require minimal ongoing maintenance.

Safer. An impacted steel post no longer provides positive guidance, and a bent steel post is a significant spearing hazard which could puncture a tire or gas tank. The RubberTough 360 delineator post stands up in the toughest road conditions, flexing and returning upright when impacted to provide continued guidance and
greater safety for every motorist.

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Rebounds when impacted from any direction.
  • FHWA accepted.
  • Superior stability & reboundability.
  • Reliable galvanized steel bases and anchors have no
    plastic parts.
  • Heavy Duty thick 3-1/2” diameter sign post.
  • Two-piece soil anchor for quick post replacement.
  • Corrosion and UV resistant.
  • Multiple mounting methods available.
  • Easy to store. Detachable portable base stacks for
    efficient storage.
  • Portable system assembles and dismantles in seconds with quick-connect pins.
  • Remains in service after multiple impacts.
  • Serviceable hinge.
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions.
  • No sandbags required for ballast.




RubberTough® 360 Delineators, Ramp ApplicationRubberTough 360® Delineators, Gore Area Application

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