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RubberTough® 360
Heavy-Duty Sign Posts & Vertical Panels

The Safe-Hit RubberTough® 360 heavy-duty sign posts and vertical panels are composed of a durable two-piece omni-directional hinge and feature a large
3-1/2" post diameter.

RubberTough® 360 Crosswalk Indicator
RubberTough® 360 Heavy-Duty Crosswalk Indicator

Having been successfully tested to withstand multiple vehicle bumper impacts and wheel-overs with large vertical panel signs attached, RubberTough 360 products are ideal for areas that need an imposing must-be-seen presence, yet rebound to vertical when hit. The omni-directional hinge utilizes proven Dura-Post® material technology combined with a heavy-duty inner tube to achieve the strong yet flexible design required to rebound larger, heavy posts and signage. Multiple mounting options are available including bolt-down surface mount, portable mat with quick connect pins, and quick-change soil anchors.

RubberTough 360 Sign Post Mounting Options:

RubberTough® 360 Portable Base




RubberTough 360® Permanent Base

RubberTough® 360 Soil Anchor
Portable Base
Permanent Surface Base
Soil Spike


  • Rebounds when impacted from any direction.
  • FHWA accepted
  • Superior stability & reboundability.
  • Reliable galvanized steel bases and anchors have no plastic parts.
  • Heavy Duty thick 3-1/2” diameter sign post.
  • MUTCD compliant signage.
  • Pedestrian crossing signs scientifically proven effective in a university study.
  • Double-sided versions available to effectively warn both directions of traffic.
  • Corrosion and UV resistant.
  • Multiple mounting methods available.
  • Easy to store. Portable detachable base stacks for efficient storage.
  • Portable system assembles and dismantles in seconds with quick-connect pins.
  • Remains in service after multiple impacts.
  • Serviceable hinge.
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions.
  • No sandbags required for ballast.
  • Portable system is easy to deploy – Assembles and dismantles in seconds. Quick connection of sign to portable sign base requires no tools.

RubberTough X-Walk Sign with Segway Riders




RubberTough® 360 Toll Road Sign Application

RubberTough® Signs Workzone application

RubberTough® 360 Thick Post

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